Super Lutein & Izumio Hdrogen Water



26/7/15 – increase of  SpO2 (from 97% to 100%)

My aunt discovered her breast cancer this Chinese New Year.. and now she is undergoing chemotherapy. Knowing how Izumio and SL will help her in fighting the cancer, I told her about the products. However, she was not convinced. Yeah.. she is taking many products and concerns about medication effect. I didn’t push.

But last Wednesday, she was down with fever. Chemo.. kills your cancer cells and healthy cells altogether. She was admitted into hospital. She couldn’t sleep. In this emergency time, I really push Izumio and urge her to drink. A day after, she called me and said her SpO2 increase from 97% to 100% the night after she took 4 Izumio, and then remain 98% the next day. What a good news and joy!

Day 22 – 24/7/15 – Detox through skin blister

More and more I am seeing the effect of the products. With daily 2SL now, my hand started to come out with hard blisters. The blister breakout has been almost 2 weeks already.. what is different this time and in the past, is that, the blister heal without me applying any cream on it. I believe my body is detoxing! I found an acne at the back of my neck too… aaa all the detox process!

Day 20 – 18/7/15 – Izumio, energies immediately, stop yawning

I woke up in the morning, 630am, looked at my phone and saw a message by my aunt, saying she got fever. I called her, and said let’s go to hospital. She said, should we? Well, why not? Not to delay ok… (cause she has breast cancer and is under chemo treatment!) Fever on her is not something to be taken lightly! So I was thinking what will be useful for her, I took these with me: Bible, scarf, Izumio, water) I drove my aunt to hospital in early morning then.

She was admitted into hospital. I was there with her just to make sure she got everything alright and can just rest in the room. It  was almost 1pm then.

Driving back from Putrajaya to PJ, I felt tired.. I was yawning. So sleepy.. ok la, just take one Izumio as I suppose it will give me energy. O, indeed, I stop yawning instantly. Awesome!

Day  15 – 17/7/15

I have started to take Super Lutein (3 caps from 2/7 to 11/y, & 2 caps after that), and Izumio hydrogen water occationally (whenever I need to stay overnight/ feeling sick).

Usually by the time I go to bed, I will fall sleep in the middle writing diary, but I found that if I take Izumio that day, I will still be energized even at 1 am.

I seldom fall sick. I have a strong health. This is evident when I remain healthy amongst people coughing. I get fever only once a year, and I usually recover from it after sleeping a day. I also feel little effect when I take supplements (Barley Green, Amway, Blackmores). Before SL and Izumio, I only feel effect from Elken’s spirulina, that I feel warmer with my body.

However, in taking SL, I feel things. Day one, I feel mild pain on my right ovary. Bingo, I have irregular menstruation. Then now after 10 days, I have few hard blisters coming out from my left palm. Bingo, I do have this problem. In the past, the blister may break and peel off and the skin around that area will become thin and sensitive. I would apply an unknown cream on it and it will go away. Today, 15th day of taking, I feel sore on few of my joints on right hand palm.

Still observing what will happen… I am committed to take 3 bottles of SL to see improvement of my health. Stay in tune..


Today, one of my colleagues has eyes problem. When we talk about it, we realise that having nutritious supplement is so important in our life.

Health is so important, health is wealth. For so many products in the market, which one worth the best for my hard-earned money?

So I have decided to record down information for comparison purpose in my blog, to keep track of my findings.

And these are few of the best products my friend and I heard of, let’s look into the fact:


Ingredient of Super Lutein

  • refined fish oil (contatining DHA),
    wheat germ oil,
    blackcurrant extracts,
    blueberry extracts,
    vitamin E extracts,
    marigold extracts (containing lutein, zeaxanthin),
    tomato lycopene,
    gardenia (containing crocetin) ,
    vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12
  • Optiberry by Pure Encapsulations

OPTIBERRY ~ RM152.56 (50mg x 120 capsules)

  • (providing the anthocyanins malvidin,cyanidin, delphinidin, and petunidin inbiologically active ratios)
    wild blueberry (vaccinium angustifolium) extract (fruit)
    strawberry (fragaria chiloensis) powder (fruit)
    cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon) powder (fruit)
    bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus) extract (fruit)
    European elder (elderberry) (sambucus nigra) extract (fruit)
    raspberry (rubus idaeus) powder (seed)
    ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C) 5 mg.
    other ingredients: hypo-allergenic plant fiber (cellulose), vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)

LUTEIN/ ZEAXANTHIN ~ RM173.51 (12mg x 120 capsules)

  •  Lutein – 10 mg
  • Zeaxanthin – 2 mg

Well, at the first look, Super Lutein is three times more the price of the other two. But looking into the ingredient by weight and by the range of nutrient being covered, one Super Lutein has 10 times more mg than the other two, and it covers wide range of nutrient, including DHA, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, E which are missing from the other two.



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