Starecta – Body alignment through non-surgical dental appliance

Many of us know that exercise + diet + stress-free = good health.

In context, that means, to have good health, we need to have a holistic approach to our lives, to take care of many areas such as physical, nutritious, emotional, etc..

Physically, I don’t do much exercise unless it is a fun activity with friends and family. I believe the beauty of life is just be it. Live with moment. Integrate health into lifestyle.

Starecta, is a dental intervention device that resolve the spine and body alignment in a non-invasive way. Who would think that our teeth occlusion, our tongue position, our eye vision, our jaw, all these small small parts of our head determine whether we twist our head, scoliosis, lordosis, uneven hip,etc…..

With Starecta, we can

  • aligning your body in a natural way
  • resolve physical pain from root cause
  • wish to have better face feature: symmetric, cheek bone, nice occlusion, even eyes
  • improve body function

Contact me at 016-761 8418 (whatsapp) or wshiow Dot lee AT gmail Dot com to know more!

Here’s my personal journey with Starecta! Enjoy your reading!
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WEEK 12 18/8/15 – Even shoulder blade

Three months after Starecta

Three months after Starecta journey.
Tell me what changes you see!

PS, no exercise, no yoga, no massage, no any form of therapy in this period.

Before i started Starecta, i have lower back pain of i sit too long in front of computer. No more of this issue now.

I don’t get standing for a long period. So far no issue with tiredness or muscle pain. I do feel I’m using my sole arch more, feel more about my hip bone when i sit.

Good things is that it seems like my shoulder blade is more even, very obvious in the posterior view.

WEEk 6 30/6/15

These few days, I incline to rotate my arm in certain direction and I can feel the weight transfer to my body.  This has become more natural to me. This morning, I heard a loud click on my left shoulder. And in the evening as I showered, when I scrubbed my body, I suddenly had mild cramp around my left shoulder and armpit.. guess they seldom work properly in my old misaligned body. When I looked into mirror, my hump is smaller for sure.

WEEK 5 23/6/2015

I sleep with it… it was not a problem until I add too much height on it (9mm between incisors! making my TMJ click when I eat.. now adjusted to 6mm). With the very high rectifier, I found my lip, mouth and throat dry when I woke up. But after few days, this disappear, my muscle have developed.

Then I watch this video and I understand, it is indeed the height that caused the clicking. With much height than necessary, now my mouth open more and the mandible bone move beyond the disc and made the sound.

I eat with it… for the first three weeks, I took 30 mins to finish my meal and I kept biting my mouth! I noticed that my jaw tends to eat with certain pattern/ rotations to mash the food, generating uneven forces. Also, sit properly when eating. When we eat, there is much force generated by jaw. If the posture is not correct, the force will be directed to gum through the pit cups and that’s painful as well. It’s important to endure the pain which serve as a signal to brain that the old way of biting is not correct, and not to think too much of how to eat, let our body be trained naturally. Eventually, our brain will adapt to the new pattern by itself. Now after a month, I can eat naturally with rectifier.

I talk with it… I know the feeling, I looks weird, how will others think of me.. however once I change my mind-set, that this is a good thing that helps me to straighten my spine, to correct posture, and many benefits, why would I feel ashamed of it? So now if people ask me, I take the opportunity to share this method to them, hope that they will understand and start to improve their own health as well. But sometimes in more formal meeting or I need to talk a lot, I will still take it off. Speaking is affected, but that is due to lazy tongue.. wearing rectifier make me exercise my tongue more in speech, haha.

These just my personal experience. It takes perseverance and courage to continue this journey. I am on my one month journey wink emoticon


Today in the afternoon, I felt weird feeling at my left hip joint. Then in the evening, my right knee joint started to hurt when i bend, then slowly i can’t even squat or walk at all, it’s like the joint are out of alignment, when i bend more, the pain increase. The pain is not muscle pain nor wound kinda pain. It’s not sore. This last for 30 mins and the pain was gone.

My right shoulder is able to relax more. I need to listen more to my body.


One tough thing with Starecta is eating! I kept biting my own mouth, it’s hard to chew…  I discovered so much of my eating habit in this process! My mouth wants to move in circular motion, and to my surprise, I use too much force to bite. With the gap created by dental height, the food gather at center of tongue. How ya? Slowly I realized I can mobilize my tongue more to ‘deliver’ food to my molar in order to smash it.

Keep on learning and appreciate what I have! Sometime I took things that I do daily for granted until I lost it. Chewing food is a very simple task, until recently, I didn’t realise its value. Now I appreciate this simple up-down-up-down jaw movement. A small part of the body, every part of the body is important!

I want to appreciate too,

– I can use my finger

– I can see

– I can write

– I can hear

– I can feel

– I can dance

– I can sing

– I can breath

– I move my head around

– I can walk

– I can cook

– I can read

– I can draw

– I can calculate

– I am God’s children

– I am adventurous

– I enjoy music

And the list can go on.

How about you? Do you live out your life out of habit? What are something you can be thankful for?


Sometimes I remove my rectifier for eating or during meeting people. Funny that now my molar doesn’t meet, harder to mash food, because the dental height in between molar increases. My underbite is improving too, now my mandible move more forward and center. However my jaw will gradually return to previous position in few hours. Maybe my muscles haven’t developed to support the change.

One thing a notice that, I can play trumpet better due to this alignment by Starecta! FYI, playing trumpet use mouth, lip muscles, tongue, open jaw, breathing, oral cavity etc.. I used to trying so hard to change the position on my mouth because it was always more to the left side… now with Starecta correction, I naturally play more at the centre, better support from mouth muscle/ jaw grin emoticon

Looking forward to see more improvement resulting from Starecta, such as my forward shoulder. My shoulder is also more even in height now..


I feel my airway open up, my right shoulder (usually up) is able to relax more and no more hunching. Feel slight strain on left and right (more) cheekbone and right side of neck.

WEEK -2 

I do not feel well today.

In the morning I woke up, I found my left TMJ is hurting.

Everytime when I am heaty, I feel my TMJ hurting, so not a big deal I thought.

But at night, I tried to feel about my body, it is weird.

My entire left side feel sore, my ovary, my back, my left shoulder is tense. And now as I write, the pain move from lower left back to lower right back, and moving up to upper right back.

I feel my head rotate less and is more upright.

What’s going on?

I hope when I start wearing rectifier next week, everything will be fine! Click here to visit Starecta.

For now, I will just keep my tongue position and put my weight evenly on my left and right hip.



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