Love is an open door

I didn’t know, since young, my heart was full of sadness. I didn’t know, because I had always been sad in my heart. And my friends said that I looked scary! I was a loner, often wonder around people, not too sure how to connect. Most of the time I don’t care. I’m happy go lucky, life is a dream, it’s a joke, it’s a laughter. 

But God, you didn’t give up on me. You pursue me and open the door of love in my life. 

God I know you are healing my heart. You want to reveal to me that, You are my Father, You love me, You will heal my broken heart. 

I have been crying alot in this trip. Good cries. God has opened my eyes to love. Every time love touches me, I cry. 

In the past, it was never enough. I always feel empty. I always feel the hole in my heart. Something missing. 

Now, Holy Spirit will show me, Wen Shiow, that’s love. When people spend time with me, that’s love. When they hug me, that’s love. When they take care of me, that’s love. When they encourage me, that’s love. When they give me something, that’s love. Now I feel it. I don’t have to envy others anymore, because now I have love too. 

In the church service, through the communion You reminded me of your presence. In the worship, when we sang God You are holy, I came humble to your presence, o Lord, wash me clean. In your church, the spirit of joy cover me, and I raise my hand to receive your Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! 

Thank you Father, for all the people you have sent and yet to send to me to show me what love is. And because of your great love, my cup is full and I can pour out to other people in my life. Love never fail. 



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