Is it real? 

Am I in a dream, I’m going to USA for three months! I can’t believe it.. My heart is full of thankfulness! I won’t be able to go to USA if it is not God. 

It’s more stressful than I thought of in preparing to go. My mind is full of what to bring, how’s the weather there, what would I do, how do I go from place to place, how much money is enough, how about my car and insurance, who will feed my fish, what about my students, how should I behave in this foreign land, how can I make sure there will be people to pick me up, have I really purchased the air ticket, how should I be careful for my safety… But now, I’m ready! 

I love my friends, they are the one who do magic to my journey, color it with warmth and bubbles. It’s them that I would want to come back home and miss a dear. 



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