I have the root and it is not bad.. 

It’s good to be out of my routine, in a foreign land, only ‘I’ is the same. And that ‘I’ emerges and shows the true self. 

This morning as I woke up, I started to prepare myself for the day. And to my horror, I cannot find one packet of my money! I kept searching but I couldn’t. It was morning and I didn’t want to make too much noise so I didn’t check my suitcase too thoroughly. 

Alejandra came in and told me that she would love to make breakfast for me and she would do her quiet time first. Sweet! It’s so good to stay with a godly sister, whose walk shows her love for Christ, and this is certainly encouraging to my walk with Christ daily.

So instead of staying in stress and worry about the money, I sat down in front of the window and pray. 

I was telling myself, it is ok, I still have enough money. Those money are actually extra. My parents gave them to me and it’s mine to do anything with it. See, it’s OK, I won’t suffer for having no money or be condemned by anyone.

I dug further. 

So what’s that I’m being stressed? I took some deep breath, prayed and surrendered this spirit of stress to Jesus, crucify it and invite Holy Spirit into my life. The peace God has given me is everlasting. I can entrust myself into Him, to know that no matter what may happen,  I’m deeply loved and safe in God. I saw that I have love of money, for money could bring much comfort and pleasure. But I cherish more of the grace from God. That even I’m having this root of evils, I feel safe to come near to God. Thank you Jesus. 

*Well done Wen Shiow. Now you know how to love yourself, you can assess the effect on situation, people, and self in stressful time. You know God and learn from His Spirit and grow closer to Him. Well done. I’m proud of my growth! *


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