Do His Will first 

​This morning, I was searching for an important documents. I searched around my car, my room, and my desk, I couldn’t find it!! It was morning, so I decided to have my quiet time first and I trust that the document will show up, somehow, to my experience. In my quiet time, I wrote down my prayers for people in my life. Then as my heart is moved, I intent to give a portable small radio to Captain Michael Moothy who has led the Boys Brigade and many members came to Christ because of BB. He is now at a caring home due to Parkinsons disease😔 I then take my laptop to put in some good musics into the radio, and aha, the documents are underneath the laptop! 
God is amazing…  For many times, we may want to solve our problems by our strength, but as we choose do His will first, He will show us the solution. 😎 It is to my great delight to see God in life, to know Him more everyday!



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