I am an explorer outside the fortress

Today, I have a vision of a fortress and I am outside of the fortress exploring the field. I love adventure.. I will go back to the fortress whenever there’s danger. However the further I go, the more I feel like a betrayer, that I cannot stay in the fortress to guard it or to do my duty. I feel so bad that I fall short of the expectation of the king of that fortress and that I am ungrateful in spite of all the trainings I had received in the fortress.

At first I thought the fortress is God. And I really feel bad that I only think of God only at time that I need protection. I feel bad that I seek Him more only when I am in need. I feel bad that I didn’t just stay in the fortress to enjoy time with Him. Then the book I’m reading shows me a poem. And I realised that God is boundless, He is with me everywhere, He cannot be bounded by a fortress. Instead, He set my path and my step. The fortress can be my family, church, education, career and others. But not GOD.

I feel so much relieved that I can be myself to be an explorer and adventurer, together with God.

I want to remember that God is everywhere with me throughout today. Emmanuel



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