Church visiting: Hope Church KL

It was Sunday and I went to Hope Church KL. Finally, haha. I have committed to church and enjoy God’s presence every Sunday. So when my home church does not have worship, I will take the time to go to other church. I love seeing other Christians, I am glad to see what God is doing in the world through different churches.

The church is very energetic. Most of them are students or young working adult. 20+ years old.

This day, they shared about the conference in Liberia. I didn’t know, Liberia is the world’s 6th poorest country in the world. I didn’t know, like Cambodia and Lao Republic, most of the road is muddy/ sandy. I didn’t know, like Cambodia, they do not have the privilege to enjoy water and electricity. Some of them may have generator, so they sell diesel by the road side. In the whole town, the capital, there is only one petrol station. I didn’t know, Liberia is a free country but there was a civil war and many were destroyed or fled to other countries, ruin not rebuilt. I didn’t know, the life of refugee is so hopeless, wake up everyday with no plan, no purpose, no resources, not even know when is the next meal and when will he/she be shifted to another camp. Structure and schedule? Forget about it. I didn’t know, they speak English. I didn’t know, there is no use for kids to go to school because most of the time, teachers are absent. Hope Church there is providing teaching to the kids. I didn’t know, kids in Liberia may not have seen a single color pencil in their lifetime. I didn’t know, child sacrifice still exist in the country. The pastor prayed that they will be protected. I didn’t know, witchcraft still exist and a child was cursed until all his organs failed and only the heart was still functioning. The parents abandoned him due to fear. But God blessed him, pastor adopted him even though he has four children already. And today, he is growing up, attending classes.  I was so touched in hearing the stories, God gave me compassion for them. After the service, my heart burned to give. .

After the service, I wanted to find pastor and to pass to him RM100. To my surprise, my old high school friend found me first. And he is a Christian! He is a daddy and his daughter was just born three days ago! And he works in the same line as I, tutoring business! We had much to talk, and business partnership forming. I have been thinking about business, but he has done it and he is successful. Thanks God, I will appreciate this opportunity, a reliable and committed business partner is hard to find.

And I got a chance to talk to pastor’s wife, so I passed her my money. I am so glad to hear that they may want to send teachers to teach, a year commitment. Send me, Lord.


Hope Church KL

Attendance: ~200 ppl (from what I observed), mostly students and young working adults

Address:  41, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (2nd floor, same row as the famous Kanna Curry House mamak @ Seksyen 17)

Phone:+60 3-7960 2633





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