Expectation vs Vision

What is expectation?

Prediction? Assumption about how things will or SHOULD turn out?

What is outcome/ goal/ vision?

Vision is knowing what I want in the end and having the hope to achieve it.

One way I recognize my expectation is from my feelings.

When I expect something and it doesn’t turn out to be the way I want, I may feel disappointed and dismayed. I would start to analyse and ask many ‘why’. I feel frustrated. I feel demotivated, and start to blame myself for not being good enough. I feel unsatisfied. Something must be wrong!

Having expectation exhaust much of my energy. My protections and survival mechanisms will show up a lot.

When I have a vision, I am inspired. I will give my best. When thing doesn’t turn out the way I want, I look forward for other path. Because my goal is the end point. And I believe, God is sovereign.




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