Super Lutein vs Raw juicing

How are the carotenoids in SL extracted from natural sources to become soft gel capsules?

The raw ingredients are purified, crystallised, dried, and
screened to obtain high-purity and high-quality carotenoids. In crystal form, our body can easily absorb the nutrients.

How does NP ensure that all nutrients are retained in each capsule and that the quality of it is the same (better or worse) than consuming raw veggies and fruits?

Raw materials supplied from each manufacturer are processed into commercial products by Naturally Plus’ appointed vendor, Aliment Industry Co., Ltd., an ISO9001, ISO22000 and health supplement GMP-compliant manufacturer
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Which is better? Raw juicing or SL?

We can look into the question from the angle of nutrition value, time/ energy, $$, pesticides & chemical, synergy effect,

To juice, we need to make sure the raw food is organic, otherwise we are taking lot of pesticides and chemicals from raw juicing too. That’s adding more harm than good. But how strict do the farmers follow the rules? Moreover, the price of organic is at least triple than normal vege/ fruit, raw juicing is not cheaper than SL!

Time wise, it takes at least half an hour to juice, there is much effort to buy, to wash, to cut, to clean etc.. wouldn’t you want to spend your precious time with family or to sleep more etc?

How many cup of raw juice can you drink to obtain enough nutrients? The nutritional value of vegetables has decreased drastically in the last half century. This is a result of changes in the soil where the vegetables are grown, mainly due to the use of chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals in order to increase production efficiency. For example, vitamin A in spinach has decreased to approximately 15% 2400 ug in 1956 to 350 ug in 2006. There is much cause for concern that even if we consume as many vegetables as before, we are unable to absorb the same amount of nutrients.

And not many people can take the flavour of green. The solution is often by adding fruit to sweeten it. However, fruit juice contains large amount of sugar, which contribute to inflammation, calories, and may induce insulin resistance in the long run. This can be a complete disaster for people who are overweight or have diet-related metabolic problems

Even when one can drink and juice only vege, but how do you know the effect, how much is good enough? When people say ‘this plant is good for high blood pressure’ and assume you grow it by yourself to make sure it is 100% natural and take the plant to juice, do you know how many leaves to juice? How many gram? How do you know how much of it may cause you hypo-tension instead?

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The nutrient in SL is 100% premium from strictly controlled and supervised from the farming to manufacturing. SL is designed in the golden ratio to give the best synergy effect. Just 3 capsules can give you a balanced nutrients equivalent of 4 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vege from 6 colours. All that it take is 5 seconds to swallow. It is functional food with testimonials which prove to work to improve health from baby to grannies, from all kind of diseases.

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And by taking SL, one opens a door to business and unlimited passive income too! Another synergy effect of SL, health and wealth.


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