Izumio hydrogen water and sleep

Sleep, heart palpitation
Dosage: 1 Iz

My mom Adeline Lee had very hard time to sleep. I always ask her to sleep early, so that she will have better energy, but she said, cannot, very hard, even if she lie on bed, she can’t fall asleep, she would feel heart palpitation.. I guess she is too stressful, and maybe caffeine since she drinks coffee every morning frown emoticon

Since last week, she started drinking one Izumio every night, she reported good sleep. Yesterday, she forgot to drink, and she felt her stressful heart pumping.. cannot sleep until 1am. Then she remembered Izumio, and after drinking, she could fall asleep peacefully.


Super Lutein and Eczema 2

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Izumio increases energy level

Izumio and oxygen level


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