When student is being generous..

My first BRANDS chicken essence in life.. Guess who gave it to me? My student, only 12 years old!

I: you sure? This is not cheap o.. Your parent bought this for you, you better keep it.

He: No problem teacher, I’m generous, just take it!

I am so touched by his generosity. However, i worry that he may get scolded, so i went to his grandma, wanted to return it.

I: popo, he gave me this, so generous of him. But this is not cheap o.. Better keep for himself.

Grandma: no worry, he gave you this, just accept it.

So touched. It tastes so good!

Train kids to know their value, and they will value themselves and shine.

Hard to imagine that about 9 months ago, he always cakap nak balas dendam, nak bunuh orang. I feel so proud of him, being the best of himself and persevere to come out from the deep valley of negativity!




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