Gout is more common than I know

Today i went to Tai Chi. I felt so good doing it, my breathing followed the fluidic movement, deep slow and smooth. I kept yawning, my lung loves air!

Aunty aunty talked to me. And there’s this lady, she cannot bend her knee much.. She told me she has gout.. Tried ubat ubat, saw doctor, went to hospital, pharmacy..

Coming back, my heart have this burden for her. here I know SL and Izumio will help her, but how to  bring her to believe in the  products and start her healing journey?

Gout is more common than I thought.. I actually didn’t know about gout, until I first heard that my friend’s father in law is suffered from uric acid and this could lead to gout. Then only i started to notice, it’s so common.




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