New venture, new growth

There was a woman health talk organized by Naturally Plus.

At first, I invited few friends. But in the end, they have other plan already, so end up I am the only one going. Hmm.. I don’t know anyone in the talk… well, let’s go and see, at least test the water.

So I went, by myself. Wearing my favourite red skirt and beloved sea blue necklace, I went with confidence. It was held at a very high class condominium. I met a lady in lift. She said hi to me. So I said hi back to her. She is Sharon, one of a organizer. She has aura of confidence, cheerful and friendly. Together we found multi-purpose hall. Not too many people there. And I just wonder around… All the organizing team were standing and chit chating. I saw my upline. We say hi to each other. I notice about my expectation on her. I expect leader to provide good guidance, include you, follow up closely and walk with you. Until recently, I will be very upset with expectation and I will think why do I have it, it’s all my fault  and I will cause trouble etc… Worthless Diva, were you there? Now my relationship with expectation has become healthy, I’m cool with it and I accept the reality…Even in typing ‘reality’ this word, I notice that I relate it to cruel, unkind, unfair, etc… good job noticing Wen Shiow! Keep it up walking into light.. and the light will shine the dark room. Then I saw a group of four Indian ladies, and I just joined them. Whoa, good job Wen Shiow, for being comfortable, courageous, confident, and friendly, victory! I heard that one of them is taking Super Lutein and Izumio, and healing from eczema which has troubled her for more than 25 years. It took a while until the talk started.

The first session is QnA game. I was so excited because I know most of the answer! But i only answered one, and I got one pack of Izumio! Yay! Yea, I keep my answer to myself so that I don’t look arrogant or out-smarted other. This perception, I know, also coming from the past; It can be otherwise, isn’t it. The atmosphere was quite cold as most people are too shy to speak in public. Possible also, by answering, I provide energy and dynamic to the event, yea. Following is talk by a Dr. I almost fall asleep… My focus has changed so, this doesn’t sound as interesting as before. Then it was Patsy and testimony by Fiona (I think so). Again I notice my expectation. Ha. But it’s ok, acceptance is in place. Lastly lucky draw! Again, I have a shift from pious orphan to joy. In the past, I will tell myself not to expect anything so that I won’t be disappointed. Now, I acknowledge my desire and was looking forward to see my name being called! It didn’t, I felt slightly jealous about those who won it, but I feel glad for them too. See, Wen Shiow, you don’t have to be perfect, just be human. The orgarnizer is understanding, they know we all like prize, so they use some leftover Izumio, and continue to draw name and give out 2 pack of Izumio. I got it this time! I feel thankful to them! Wen Shiow, see, when there is need and when need is being fulfilled genuinely at other’s term at God’s will, there I can feel loved.

So much I have learned from attending the event! I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and was at my essence. Thanks God for His protection and His love, and thanks to my coach who has spent hours to talk and to help me to grow in this area.


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Contact me at 016-761 8418 or wshiow Dot lee AT gmail Dot com, if you are interested in Super Lutein and Izumio hydrogen water, a natural way to heal,  supplement that will actually work and worth every money you spend on it, because you gain health and life! This a life saving product for your health or business.


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