Super Lutein and Eczema 1

Eczema detox process

Day 22 – 24/7/15 – Super Lutein and Eczema – Detox through skin blister

More and more I am seeing the effect of the products. With daily 2 Super Lutein now, my hand started to come out with hard blisters. The blister breakout has been almost 2 weeks already.. what is different this time and in the past, is that, the blister heal without me applying any cream on it. I believe my body is detoxing! I found an acne at the back of my neck too… aaa all the detox process!

I posted this in FB group that support our health progress, these blister seems like atopic dermatitis aka eczema! I never know I have this problem, seriously man.. in fact, all the while I thought I have strong skin! Never get sunburn under hot sun.. Maybe I boasted too much, now touchwood…  So Super Lutein is bringing out underlying problem ya? So I have Eczema? Eczema? Really?



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