Izumio increases Energy level

Day 20 – 18/7/15 Izumio, energies immediately, stop yawning

I woke up in the morning, 630am, looked at my phone and saw a message by my aunt, saying she got fever. I called her, and said let’s go to hospital. She said, should we? Well, why not? Not to delay ok… (cause she has breast cancer and is under chemo treatment!) Fever on her is not something to be taken lightly! So I was thinking what will be useful for her, I took these with me: Bible, scarf, Izumio, water) I drove my aunt to hospital in early morning then.

She was admitted into hospital. I was there with her just to make sure she got everything alright and can just rest in the room. It  was almost 1pm then.

Driving back from Putrajaya to PJ, I felt tired.. I was yawning. My energy level is low.. my eyes were closing.. So sleepy.. and… so DANGEROUS! Ok la, just take one Izumio as I suppose it will give me energy. O, indeed, I stop yawning instantly. I was energized immediately! Awesome!




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