SL & Izumio


I have started to take Super Lutein (3 caps from 2/7 to 11/y, & 2 caps after that), and Izumio hydrogen water occationally (whenever I need to stay overnight/ feeling sick).

Usually by the time I go to bed, I will fall sleep in the middle writing diary, but I found that if I take Izumio that day, I will still be energized even at 1 am.

I seldom fall sick. I have a strong health. This is evident when I remain healthy amongst people coughing. I also feel little effect when I take supplements (Barley Green, Amway, Blackmores). Before SL and Izumio, I only feel effect from Elken’s spirulina, that I feel warmer with my body.

However, in taking SL, I feel things. Day one, I feel mild pain on my right ovary. Bingo, I have irregular menstruation. Then now after 10 days, I have few hard blisters coming out from my left palm. Bingo, I do have this problem. In the past, the blister may break and peel off and the skin around that area will become thin and sensitive. I would apply an unknown cream on it and it will go away. Today, 15th day of taking, I feel sore on few of my joints on right hand palm.

Still observing what will happen… I am committed to take 3 bottles of SL to see improvement of my health. Stay in tune..



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