Releasing angry, wounded inner child

I trusted you as a good friend, big brother, but you manipulate me! You use me for your pleasure! I wish I didn’t tell you what I want and let you take advantage of me! Next time, I will say NO. Don’t dare you!!!! Because of you, for that short 15 minutes, I suffered much in my life! I was hurt. And my hurt feeling was not being cared and I became angry with my parents because they didn’t notice that I had something wrong. So you are stronger la, I was being stupid and naive. I didn’t get my needs of fun and friendship met. i declare I am responsible to all of it. I am willing to forgive myself to go this way. I am willing to declare complete just as it is and as it is not. The sin you put upon me and the sin I added on, all sin that entangle in my life, I  cast all of them to Jesus Christ and I surrender to God’s will. I believe that God loves me and I am His sheep and i am clean and blameless in His eyes. In His grace through Jesus Christ  I pray, Amen.



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