Little things that count!

Yes, today I have few victories.

I got completion of emotions with counselor. After clearing all that unfinished words without worrying hurting anyone or being hurt, I feel exhausted. But those entanglements has gone. I no longer hold on. My mind doesn’t blame myself or the persons anymore. I pray in the power of Jesus, I let go. I give up the strings. I release myself and the persons. No one is in debt to no one. I no longer judge. I no longer angry. I no longer waiting in vain. I no longer codependent. I no longer trap by people’s reactions towards me. I have hope. I have confidence. I forgive myself. I forgive them. I move on. I am stronger. For all the hurts to everyone, Jesus will carry the sins. Thank you Jesus. I thank God for the answered prayer. I remember my prayer to God two years ago was to establish me deeply in Christ so that I will be able to face the world independently. What a training God brought to me! After this, my soul really anchor in Christ. When everything fall, Gods love is there to keep me.

I also sold my first bottle of Barley Green to friend and she trusts me. I feel more confident about doing business with integrity. As long as I am coming from caring and honesty, standing firm in God’s righteousness, I believe I won’t serve money, but money will support my life.

My student wants to do past year question for his exam. He asks me to choose questions for him.

I: Why don’t you just do all questions?
He: because the way you taught me last year, I got B+.
I: then?
He: this year I wanna get A la!

I feel so satisfied and happy to see him striving towards As!



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