Who I am?

I was vulnerable and insecure.I discovered that I have much expectations, pride, self-righteousness, fears, low self-esteem. Sounds bad ya. I want to change. I have been doing this for 2 years.

What made it so hard to change? I discovered that I kept thinking I didn’t change despite I have actually come a long way to be independent, strong and courageous. I didn’t acknowledge my growing. I only remember how bad I am, the mistakes I made, how I didn’t measure up to expectation. Negative thinking and high expectations stop me from becoming myself.

I want to focus on seeing who I am God made me, and be secure of being myself. Coaching is really good to help to discover myself and empower me to live from my essence. A coach helps to discover what pattern is underlying in my life, identifies thing that is not empowering and helps me to shift from there to my essence.Thanks to my coach Nadine! I really thank God for sending her to me at this time. God knows what and who I need in order to build my identity at 20s.

I am not hiding and I see that I am not perfect and have a lot of flaw. However Jesus have taken away my sins, and now I am a saint who sins and God’s grace embraces me, I no longer a sinner who try to fix myself and condemn myself fall short of perfection.




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