A little step at a time

In advancing my finance project, I tried something I never done before. I contacted a lady who I never met before to join a business. I got to know about her through her blog. I like the values and sharing in her blog, I felt I may trust her. For me to commit into something, I need trust and heart.

Today, I went to her meeting. I arrived there, didn’t know what to expect. So I sat down and watched. And I wasn’t too sure what to do. I didn’t even know how the lady looks like! I was waiting. I saw people started to come in and talked to each other. I saw they were wearing smart casual, very nice grooming. I felt intimidated. I felt lost. I didn’t know what. I wished I greet some of them when I first came in. Now I missed out the timing and I felt odd. Then I saw them entered a meeting room. I was left out. So I decided to leave.

A lot of self sabotaging thought ran through. But I didn’t let these lie to run my mind. I know, genuine love, unconditional love, agape, is to be kind, inwardly and outwardly. At least I started, and I tried. Be initiative in the process of getting what I want is not very common to me. I only realised my own limitation after the experience. My relationship with this particular business is finished for now. I still have many other opportunities to advance my finance project by only doing things that align with my integrity. I am trustworthy. I am giving up fearful me. I will continue to take a look at opportunities!

I am glad that I have friend who support and encourage me in this process, thank you darling, you know who you are!




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