Who you are without fanfare

1) What did hard times teach Kurt Wrner about his identity? What have hard times taught you about your identity?

Hard times has taught Kurt Warner that God is the one give him gift. In my hard time, I learn that, my worth is not base on my performance, but on my integrity. My identity has nothing to do with my role, but who I am as God’s creation.

2) Which has taught you more about yourself: times of ease, or times of difficulty? Why?

Time of difficulty taught me more than that of time of ease. All kinds of trials test me and purify me of sins that are hidden.

3) Think of one prticularly difficult time in your life. What did you learn about yourself by going through it?

In time of depression I learn how to shift from focus on failure to focus on blessing. From fear to faith. I learn that it is not by doing harder, but by delighting in righteousness.

4) What does presence and makeup of your community — friends, family members, and coworkers — reveal about you? Why are other people so important to figuring out who you really are?

From people’s feedback and response, I get to know where is my strength and weakness. I receive and give love.


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