If I choose a stereotype for myself, I will choose vibrant artist. I like the creativity and authenticity of an artist, so unique and original. As an artist, I am joyful, free, and wild and portraying my gifts. I can present my heart through art.

Stereotype is true only to some obvious degree. Yes, to each stereotype, there are some unique qualities that portray the stereotype. However, people is wonderfully rich and complex. I am artist, but I am also considerate and kind. Being wild and original doesn’t mean I am rude and self-centered. Stereotype restricts my view and perception about a person. Stereotype hinder me from seeing individual.

Identity is the biggest quest in life. Without identity, I do not know who I am. I do not know how to respond in life. When people laugh at my shortcoming, do I laugh, make a joke of myself and be light hearten, or do I tell a story to give some understanding of who I am more deeply, or do I shy away? Do I feel I am myself, not pretending I am someone else “better" than me? Yes, as Matthews-Greene’s observation, we are each on a lifelong journey to find out who we really are". As life unfold, I face fears, temptations and challenges constantly. Sometimes, my old self is not mature enough to cope with it. However, if I am firm in who I am, as God made me, I have the strength to stand.

I agree that examination of conscience is a lost art. with life comfortably accommodate me, I tend to repeat patterns. You know, I have lived and those patterns work! However without conscience, this is dangerous. In this, I stay at where I am, not growing, not empowering my life, not living out my real identity.



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