What is success to me?

What is success to me? This is a very important question. As this will define my sense of failure and motivation.

My thinking of success started with my question about life, how should I live? Should I just relax and enjoy, easy going with circumstance? Or should I strike to be the best, go all out for every achievement? I will ask this question every year. As I consider this issue, my conclusion is always, do my best and God will do the rest. I reap what I sow. Today will shape tomorrow.

In the world, one of the most common measure of success is how much we make money. Yes, money is important. It is also healthy to work and earn money. We need money to sustain and run our life. I need money to buy things. I need money to have an education. I need money. Or maybe wealth is a better term.  Wealth in term of money, in term of well-being, in term of relationships, in term of social status. Wealth in anything that keep our life going and great. However, having all these said, wealth is still not the measure of success. Yes, wealth is important. But who I am is more important. My being in the pursue of all these, my life, not my years of living, is the measure of success.

Or is success defined by how many people like me? This is a hard one. As we are social being, human can’t live alone. We want to be loved. We want to be accepted. We want to belong. But there is a danger of becoming people pleaser. When I try to please people, I follow my need of approval and losing myself. I will lose sight of my own worth and dignity. I may turn a genuine interaction into battle of manipulation. In the end, I gain people loving my mask, not me.

I think success, is having faith hope love.

Faith – Believe in God, believe in Christ, believe in Holy Spirit, believe that my sin has been taken upon Jesus, my bondage with sinful nature has broken, I am loved, accepted, worthy, righteous, bearing God’s image, I am good enough the way God make me.

Hope – have a vision of a better world always, yet not setting expectation of how thing should be, not dwelling in the past filling myself of regret, but surrender to God and be content of life

Love – Agape. Be genuine. Love never fail. Love that free of manipulation. Unconditional love. Love gives energy. Love make the world round. Love covers multitude of sin. Love is an action, love is a result of obeying God.  Love spur life towards God.




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