Battery down

Another day.

Now it is done for today. Yes, my research today is done.

I am very hungry, tired, feeling frustrated and bored.  My shoulder is stiff, my eyes are painful,  headache, mild back pain, hiccup… now I don’t enjoy reading as much. Too much information. It doesn’t excite me anymore. I want to go under the sun and do some earth work!

Alas~ I have done a methodology flowchart, a paragraph for macrobending and the diagram, most of the methodology for sensing pad testing. I wanted to fabricate another sensing pad de… but the vacuum oven is occupied and will not be available until Friday.. haiz… have to delay again =(  I had also emailed some prof for PhD project, talked to posture therapist, and read instruction for teeth impression. Ai yo, may need to fabricate dental bite DIY-ly.  I had also calculated the cross-head speed for sensing pad testing.

Again, I am distracted to other information, especially Facebook. My eyes are so tired and I cannot read for too long..

At least the methodology is done. The writing of macro and micro bending is not done. The experiment is not done.

I have been doing my best today. Hah.. continue to be the best tomorrow.

I am taking a contribution and ownership of the work I am doing. I am leaving behind frustration and boredom and complaint. This experience give me growth in perseverance .

Next, I want finish up my writing.

Let’s go to relax for the rest of the day.. hahaha.



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