Growing up from childhood – autism disorder?

As I teach autistic kid and know more about autism, I get to understand that I may have autism disorder. I will ask my counselor in the next session.

Since young, even until now, I have difficulties in social interaction. I am clumsy, often act weirdly (which I don’t see as weird), being offensive in words, no empathy to people’s feelings, deny problem, no eyes contact, not able to express interests, etc.

I didn’t know. Knowing God and being loved by His people make the healing possible. I started to learn, how to talk, what to talk, how to express emotion, how not to talk, what not to express, who to talk, etc.. And I look forward to the day I can social very naturally! I am on the way =D

Another way of looking at this, is that I afraid about my shortcomings, and I can’t accept myself. But think about further, do I expect myself to be perfect?

So Wen Shiow, choose, faith in God or fear?


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