Another day has gone…

I have came to research from 9am-5pm, with a 1.5 hours lunch break in between, and 0.5 hours reading on other non-related stuff.. and now I want to call it a day!!

My mind is tired now.. but I feel proud of myself for being concentrated in my research. I am happy that I have positive energy today. My back pain migrate into upper part, very mild. My eyes are tired, I feel so sleepy.. my brain is like a rubber band, stretched and tensed.. now slowly releasing the tension… my neck collapsed, and my shoulder ilittle bit tense. I feel nervous and frustrated to know that I have to find journal to verify my result.. haiz! So lazzy aaahhhahahahhhhhaaaahhh… I want to play la! I want to relax!

Today, I accomplished the full compression test on 3 ratios of PDMS. I have also done the basic analysis. I realized that excel is really slow in computing. The experimental part is finished and the analysis and justification part is not finished.

OK, I declare, for the analysis part, I will be blue and for the justification part I will be brown. (Nowadays, I found that color explains my being beyond words..)

I am taking more MATLAB experience, more data analysis skill from this.

I am willing to leave behind miserable attitude, self-defend and mediocrity behind.

This experience has gave me the opportunity to seek the truth, perseverance, and excellent.

Next, I will continue to read more journal.

This is such a long journey. I am learning to walk better and better and well, not to forget to enjoy life~

Do my best and God will do the rest!

OK, time to go and rest and have fun. Yes, my work today is complete!



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