How I wish..

I want to be complete with my past one week of study. I have enough frustration with it. I am having some headache, back pain, bad mood, so much stress…

Haiz. Research.. I really don’t like the effect on me. My result is again not close to theoretical, and have to find out the reason, and so troublesome! I wish I can just use the result I have and get pass…

I have done the basic code to extract data, I have done presenting the result of one set of data. There is deviation from theoretical result. There is also noise in the machine. So I need to post-process the data, and then also do one more set of experiment to close the gap of result. I declare I am charming in the way I do thing and react in life. I am forgiving the need to do another set of experiment.

From this, I take the challenge and breaking of mediocrity. I am leaving behind regret. This experience has give me an awareness of my hidden expectation on everything. This experience also reveal to me how I am destroying my own life by rejecting and opposing.

I want to change from within, the way I live in life. I wish I can start over again, and I can live differently. I wish I can be more graceful in reacting to life.



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