A girl in my room

This morning, I did yoga to stretch my body, ahhhh so long since my last full set of yoga.. I need it so much, to relieve and re-align my body.

Then I lie down and rested. Slowly I relaxed and kind of fall asleep. Not really sleeping though. Then suddenly I noticed a girl sat by my leg. She was a young girl. Maybe 20+? She is not stranger. Nor friend. I actually feel comfortable with her but I don’t really know who she is. I wanted to sit up and see her more clearly. But I couldn’t move much. I stretched my hand out, trying to sit up. She also extended her hands and grab me. But she was not pulling me up, she was just holding my hand. She is just watching me, neutral. I tried to move my body, so hard. I tried to say something, but nothing come out from my mouth. I just kept on moving my lips in the hope that she will not give me up. Slowly I managed to sit up.

Then I was awake.

I was still lying on the floor. The room was exactly just like in the dream. The lighting, the feeling, except that the girl was not there. And I felt quite slow in moving my body.

It was scary, but I was not too frighten and I have peace. I prayed. I called people and talk to my friends and housemate.

I feel that this girl is not harmful. She is just there, neutral. She is not my friend, but she is not stranger too. She is there so naturally. She may not help, but she won’t harm me either.

I don’t know how I know, maybe Holy Spirit revealed to me, but I think she is the pious orphan in me. She is now relax, peaceful and playful. Amen.




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