Breaking free of loss and embracing trust

1. What are four emotional needs that each person has?
To feel unconditional love, security, praise, affirmation, and value, purpose.

2. Which one of these needs has not been met in your own life, thus ct had cause wounding to occur?
All of these, one by one they collapse.

3. Can you name a habit pattern of thinking, or a stronghold that has caused you to embrace a lie as a truth and has become a reality in your life??
O, I can name many. One example, I feel if I voice out or initiate to do things, people will not appreciate me, rather than seeing me as serving, they see me as dominating and controlling.

4. Who are the ones who have brought wounding into your life and have contributed to your choices of not being able to trust?

5. Can you forgive those who wounded you?
I am willing.



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