28/10/2014 Completion on research work today

Are you willing to complete?

I am willing to complete today’s research

What am I present to thought, feeling and body sensation

I feel slow and worry about the progress of my research. Most of the things I am doing are wrong or not useful. I am so discouraged. Yet I am not crashed. I feel tired. I feel stressed. The right side of my brain, eye, waist,wrist, are tense.

What haven’t you said that is to say

I wish I can tell Dr A and Dr B stronger points.

What have you accomplished

I have done the compilation of results. I have borrowed PDMS from C. I have discussed about temperature with Drs. I have identified things I have to do currently. I have been respectful in discussion. I social more today.

What stop have you identify

Slow Matlab… the data file is too big. I am distracted by Facebook

What is finished in this area

The confusion is finished in this area.

What seems unfinished in this area

Experiments and simulations are not finished

What declaration are you willing to do for each of the unfinished?

Experiments: I am curious

Simulation: I am creative

What are you taking from this?

Spirit of preservation

What are you leaving behind or are giving up?

I am giving up mediocrity. I am giving up hasty way

What gift has this experience give you?

Accept imperfection. Be in the moment, even in frustration

What is next for you?

More research

What else would you like to say to be complete?

I am not alone in struggling in research or frustration!!




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