Good job

Felt very bad today… I am lonely. I need care and warmth. I miss those time. I have so many running thought. I know I have to put Jesus in the centre. I got to grow stronger. Anyway, I didn’t give in to emotions, well done! I didn’t do anything to react to emotions, I kept on working on my Master and other things. And today, I finally got my first experiment done, yes! The result is comparable as literature. Finally. Now I got move to second step! Yay. Well done Wen Shiow! And I also do yoga this morning, I kept myself physically fit. I also eat well, I drink fruit juice in the morning to give my body nutrients. As a reward, I will go to practice trumpet now before I go to teach home tuition. Maybe watch a movie tonight too? See first la. Wen Shiow, you are growing up, keep on going! In spite of your need, you manage not to blame or burden others. Good job!




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