3 Friends

Today is a good day o… I met three friends!

In the morning, I went to do experiment. And there were already 2 fellows using the machine. While waiting for them to finish their experiment, I took the chance to observe and ask questions. Good for me you know, because I am always doing things by myself, so lonely and boring… hehe.. and in my turn to use the machine, one boy stayed back. He is a boy la, just finished A level and waiting to go to UNSW to study petroleum engineering. interesting guy. He is from Indonesia but have been studying and living in Malaysia since 4 years old. Now I think as I interact more, I see how people listen wrongly what I ask. But that is ok a… just get to know him more. Good company though. Thanks for this new friend!

Then another friend find me out to eat lunch. Ok lo, just get to know more people. He is not bad too la. I think also because the nature of our meeting is for business, so I feel weird little bit.. not sure how much personal space to open up and sort of.

But I bump into another guy too! We played trumpet together in orchestra. I was so excited to talk about trumpet.. hahaha.. although just a short 3 mins talk, I am so happy!




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