Bla bla bla

Sometimes I just have too much thought, too much to share, but I am a very reserved person o… I can’t share if I don’t feel safe.. so now I have a gauge to know how close I am with a person. If I am comfortable to talk about how I feel and how I think, that person means a lot to me.

I feel that my soul is more peaceful now… after 2 years of happenings… sometimes it is still agigated, but more of the time my soul is calmer. A more lasting joy in my heart now.

Just had dinner. Hai yo. My brother har, still so immature and talk like that to my parents when they “feed” him. Hai yo. I know la that feel.. I also don’t like people treat me like kid ma.. but I think it is better to appreciate them than talk back like that. And then only our parents will know that we grow up already.

At first I didn’t know how family will affect me. But now I know. I really hope my parents will stay healthy forever. I hope all the more that they come to Christ and know the true j


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