Little big city

I got a new phone and it comes with this game: Little Big City.

So I started playing. 

Well, ok at first. I enjoy strategic game. But this game is quite slow. And too simple. Frozen throne or Rise of Kingdom is better. 
It has good and bad effect on me.

The good things are, I can escape from my stress and thus I won’t go into depression.

The bad things are, I waste time on meaningless. It doesn’t really help me to be relax or move forward. Just an escape. And I think since I am so stressed about time limit already, why play this game to add on burden? 

On the other hand, well, this may be temptation. But I am the one to choose to play or not. So as long as I have self-control and know what I want, I won’t be in trouble. 

So I played for two days. 

And after playing, seeing what I gained and what I lost, I decided to uninstall it for good. Haha


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