Let me be patient

I had been silly enough to tell people when I like a guy. I should only tell when I am seeking for advice.

What’s more,  I don’t really know him enough. What’s his motivation? What’s his values? What’s his dreams? Does he have godly characters? How’s his faith? Can I submit to him? Can he lead me spiritually?I don’t know.

From my experience, it’s really ridiculous.  I was just impatient and didn’t think thoroughly, simply followed my emotion.

No more. It’s foolish.

It doesn’t help to build relationship between us. It doesn’t help me to understand him nor him to understand me. It doesn’t help anything.

What if I was just being impulsive or emotional? And after my crush was over and the guy still thought that I like him?

Even if I really like the guy, but what if he heard the news and doesn’t like me back? A friendship may just ruin.

If a guy is really interested in me, he will just be initiative to know me more. I don’t have to tell anyone.

If we are for each other, we will get closer naturally. I don’t have to be anxious.

If he is the right one, God will bring us together no matter what happens. I don’t have to worry.

I believe romance is built on friendship, life-long relationship is built on foundation in God.

Feeling is like a kite flying high, but it needs a friendship string to secure it and spiritual foundation to hold it firm. And then it won’t lose control and will last long.

So even my heart pounds hard or my joy bursts, I won’t tell anymore.

No more. I will just make a deal with God. Let my heart attach to you Lord and I know You will never leave me nor fail me.




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