I have been very lazy lately. Procrastinating assignments and things I should do. I am lost. I have limited capacity. I can only focus on few things at a time. Ehm…… what I focus the most now is ‘gentle heart’. I know I harsh in many ways and I wanna change. I don’t like to hurt people. Life isn’t easy, but still good. I can just believe in God and hand my tomorrows to Him. Well, I always doubt about my life. I think uncertainty make all of us think a lot. And very often we try to prove that we can handle our future and ease the uncertainty. But I think, rather, why not rely on God? Hahaha.. what does writing matters, do you think writing is faster than thinking or thinking faster than writing? Does writing organize our thoughts or thinking organize our writing? I think I think… think too much already, now I talk round and round, very confusing. Well, thoughts will just lead to another thoughts, that’s how our minds expand. I guess, staying focus is not easy. Drifting away is natural. Well, just enjoy the freedom! Listen to me, you won’t know anything happened in my life, but you will hear a lot of my thought. Which is better? If I tell you what I eat what I do what I say, yet I do not reveal to you who I am; or I tell you what I feel, what I think, what I mind, what I like, what I enjoy, yet you will be confused what actually happened, which one will help you to understand me more? Ha, communication is interesting. I wonder, do you get what I want to tell you by reading all these I have written? Never mind, I write this for nothing. LOL. Sorry if you read so much for rubbish.


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