Connecting the Dots

Very often I don’t realize God’s grace until somebody asks, ‘how has God been doing in your life?’ So I’m very thankful when I am asked to share with you. Looking back, connecting the dots, I can see that God is leading. Today I want to tell you how God is rebuilding the wall of UM, since my 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, and until now my final year. It is clear that God is in work. He made things happen.

I believe most of you know how dry the ground of UM ministry was in the past 10 years. From over 200 people to 10 years with no students! UM ministry was once glorious but the wall eventually broken. Even Keng Yin and Poi Heng were about to give up. But like Nehemiah, they know that God’s glory must be rebuilt. So they trusted God and they prayed for 40 days. As a result, Ana came, she brought Esther and Kai Sin in, then Calinda came, she brought Wei Shan and I in. It was started with prayer.

In the 1st year, it was just four of us.

In the 2nd year, 9 CU people came. For the 1st time, so many Americans came, we all were so excited. During the training program, Pei Yin came to Christ. Together with CU people, we went to the campus to make friends with the new students. It wasn’t easy. The response was cold, some students even found us suspicious. Although we made a lot of friends, yeah we had a lot of outings and fun but the friendships were like ‘say-hi-and-goodbye’. So after the CU people left, only my junior, Teng remains with us and we eventually lost contact with the rest.

In the 3rd year, another batch of CU people came. In the training program, we prayed for 6 fundamental guys. Again we reached out to UM. We got to know a bunch of new students from 8th college. That year, it was better, we developed more in-depth friendship with the new students. One girl Xiu Min went to Sabah with us last August; one guy, Yoke Loon moved in to stay with us; another guy Kok Leong is going to New Zealand with us next year. And also, Esther brought her junior, Chee Hong to join us. Yes, more guy, exactly what we prayed for.

In the final year, UM changed the academic calendar and CU people cannot come anymore. We are on our own. So we decided to have a 40 days of prayer too. When I was introduced about the 40 days of prayer. 40 days of prayer huh… ok lo, just do it la. And amazingly, God spoke to me! From Isaiah 58:12 He said, and they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in. So I decided to give God 2 years after I graduate. I told this to Keng Yin, Esther, Pei Yin and Wei Shan in one prayer meeting. And the very night, God gave me confirmation. Usually every night I will write diary and read a spiritual article from daily journal. That night, the article was about the way, and the key scripture in the article is Isaiah 30:21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

God communicate with us through prayer. Prayer makes a lot of different. In the past two years, even though we put in much effort, but the response was so-so, the friendships were shallow. It was hard. However this year, it’s truly that God is involved. Things just happened.

This year, we also reach out in the campus. Without the help of American friends, I thought it would be harder to attract the new students. But it’s not the truth. In fact, the first girl I met, Xiao Hong is very interesting, she is like octopus, every time we go out, she will bring in new friends. From Xiao Hong, we got to know Amy, Bee Ling, Wen Jian, A Mao, and others. Also many things are not in our control. I remember there was one day, my schedule was full. So I didn’t plan to meet any new people. I was rushing to meet lecturer and to discuss assignment with my group. But it was traffic jam. I was late and I failed to meet the lecturer; and nobody came for the discussion. Everything was messed up, my entire plan didn’t work. In spite of all the frustration, I went to eat. On the way to KPS, I saw one Middle East guy approached to two new students. And I heard words like ‘food’, ‘free buffet’, ‘open house’.. haha.. so I went to busybody. And like that, I got to know Shui Qian and Qi Jie. I didn’t plan to meet any new student but still God have a way to make things happen. This year, new students are friendlier, they don’t find us suspicious but very helpful; our friendship with new students are more personal. Sometimes, they will ask ‘can I come over to eat dinner?’, ‘remember to ask me if you got any activities’, ‘let’s go to watch movie’, ‘do you have any website where we can know what is happening?’.  This year the new students are much more responsive than the previous years.

It all started from prayers. So pray always. God is listening.

Thank you all very much.


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