Since small, I have a hole in my heart. Most of the time, I can turn my head and not look at it. But there would be time that I have to look at it, bleeding.. I would ask, why I am always the one to approach people, to take initiative? Why nobody come to me at all? Is there anybody care for me, listen to me, share his/ her life with me? Then I cry. I sleep in tears. I would write my emotion down on paper or blog, and try to ignore the hole in my heart. I have to be strong, all by myself because no one would come to me. So I learned to enjoy by myself, pretty much.

I remember when I was small, in primary school or even in secondary school time, I would imagine a virtual friend. I would give her name, hold her hand, talk to her in my heart.

But now I am so blessed, I have God to be my friend. I can talk to God. Thank you Father.




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