God will provide

Lately, I started to look for tuition job to earn money for expenses of coming semester which I am sure many activities and events we will have with new students. Last week, through Pei Yin I met Erica and she agreed to pay me RM25/ hour to interact with her son and expose him to Chinese, three days a week and each day 1.5 hours. Well, it’s a little bit time-consuming and I kinda rejected this offer.

So I prayed to God. In 27th July 2011 my diary written, “I choose to put trust in the Lord. I pray that God will give me a good tuition nearby so that I can pay effort to His work.”

And today 30th July 2011 I received a message from Kok Leong. ” Do u all hv intest to do data entry? It from A4 paper to word document.. Rm1 per A4 paper.. Finiah it in 1 week time.. Can do it at home..”

O yes! God knows that I need money and that He provides me with a job at the perfect timing. The weeks before 22th July I was in industrial training, and the one week from 23th July to 1st August I got to prepare for the Abraham session, and nothing from 2nd to 5th August, and I will go to Famine 30 on 6th and 7th August, and after that I will go back Skudai.

16/5 – 22/7          Internship

23/7 – 1/8            Study of Abraham

2/8 – 5/8               Nothing, and now God provides me a data entry job

6/8 – 7/8              Famine 30

9/8 – 16/8            Go back Skudai

18/8 – 24/8         Sabah

26/8 – 30/8        Preparation for O-Week

3/9 – 10/9          SEATRU

12/9  onward  Start uni life

WOW! See how God arranged my time perfectly!

Dear Lord, I want to praise you! For you know my struggle and you provide me the way out. You teach me how to use my time wisely and make it full. Lord, I believe that you be in charge of my life. You are the Lord. Amen!


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