Next time, I will..

Very often, I think..

“This book is good! Let me read it through roughly first and then I will come back to it later."

“oops…. I have done him/she wrong. Well, later, later when she/ he is cooled down, then I will go and ask for forgiveness."

“Aww… this is so nice! I will buy it the next time I come to this shop."

“I think she/ he is …. maybe I could tell her/ him about my opinion after I come out with a better way to say."

“He is so attractive, but this is not the perfect time, I think we just be friend until…."

And then, I never do it.

Ha, this is how my life get by quietly.

I’m actually thinking too much but done too less.

Well, next time, I will try! Next time.



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