Best that you never know; I never remember.

Is 16 months long?

It takes me this long to walk to this point.

From falling love to letting it go. (Hopefully this time I can really make it.)

No point holding on thing that is impossible at the moment.

Especially I am not ready yet.

I can’t imaging I will be married so young!

So much more to explore.

It’s best that you will never know.

(I think you do not even notice my heart for you. I’m so glad about this!)

It’s best that I will never remember.

(Sadly that I know I will never forget.)

So that both of us can reserve the most complete heart for the right one.

Yes! No more!

That’s it.

I really appreciate that God brought you into my life and help me to focus on what’s relationship all about.

God just wants to guard my heart, in such a sweet way.

I know my heart is liberated now.

I just got to be myself, whom God had made me to be!

 How painful, how sweet, how contradicting, how liberated, how complicated the feeling I have right now.

Even me found myself confusing. Lol.. never mind, it’s fun anyway.

Goodbye my love.

Hope to see you and fall in love with you again!

(If both of us are still available!)


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