Interesting answer from God

10 hours ago

I never realise that you have “love" problem until I read your blog :):)
Interesting one :D:D
I dunno who the “guy" is, but you can always seek advise from me :D:D
I know I hurt a girl a few weeks ago, that’s different story :):) She expressed her interest in him, and I “rejected" her, causing her to be hurted.
Lee Wen Shiow
A few seconds ago

LOL!! Interesting that God answers my prayer like this!!

It was B birthday, and she gave us all a surprise!! She confessed that she likes C in front of him, and every one of us!! She said that C matches all the point she prayed about, except he is two years younger. But She has got over that emotional period now, and she will wait for God’s arrangement.

I somehow got courage from her also, and I start to think about to confess to that guy, just to express my feeling, not to expect a relationship because I knew this is not the time. So I prayed.

Haha, now from what you told me, I think God is saying, don’t. God is so kind to me huh, always listen to me!



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