Internship – the beginning

Report from Lee Wen Shiow!

Hi all, here I am! Long time no see, how are you? I just started my internship 3 weeks ago, still adopting my new life.

This is my routine (I hate this word ‘routine’, so boring..) day:
I wake up everyday 6am to have quite time and breakfast, then take 1 hour bus to go to hospital. I tried to memorize scripture in the bus too. In the evening, I come back to Happy apartment at 630pm. Some days I failed to read God’s word at all… haiz, I hope I am more discipline. Pray for me for this, ok? Then at night, I usually watch a Studio Ghibli’s movie (for now).

My time and energy have been limited over this internship. Surely I am tired. But that is only physically tiredness. I just got a running nose for 2 weeks, but still physically fit, no muscle cramp even for long hours of standing and walking. Just miss some sleep. My heart is more tired actually.

After exposing to different people in work place, I found myself affected darkly. I started to complaint, started to gossip, etc.. and I started to worry too. Worry about my future, about how to earn money, how to find job, etc… I felt defeated by the world. I lost hope. Life and money consumed me.

However, I still have Jesus. It’s in this kind of trial, my faith is tested. I realized how bright is the hope Jesus brought to us. Our God is sovereign God, He knows our future. I tell myself, ‘Yes, it’s true that life is hard. But I have Jesus who bought me with His blood to exchange for my life! The benefits that Jesus purchased for me on behalf of His blood is enough to cover and help me in all situations of your life. Whether success or failure, it’s His will and He has the best plan for me. So don’t be afraid.’

I am actually quite scared of seeing supervisor and stranger, meeting new friends, pick up calls, etc… But I know that Jesus is with me. My fear is still there but I gain courage through Jesus to do it. For it is God who makes things happen.

I hope you too discover God in all the ups and downs.

My favorite quote all the time: do your best and God will do the rest!


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