What matter the most in our life after all >> LOVE

Today I have done a thing I never done before. I called to my sister and chatted to her. Hooray~

Well, many of you will laugh, or maybe even scorn at me, what a big fuss about calling your own sister and talked to her? CEH~

I will tell you about my family. And please judge only after you understand my background. Everyone has a story behind.

This is a typical day in my family. In the morning we the children wake up, eat breakfast, and go to school. Then mostly we’ll have tuition, back to home in the evening, then dinner, back to our room. Full stop. No interaction in between. Basically, we don’t really know anything in the life of people closest in blood. We seldom sit together around dining table to eat, even at times we eat together, there is no sound. We never have any time together, we never do anything together, we never go out to play together, we seldom watch TV together, we don’t know the others’ friends, we never shopping together, we never talk, we never laugh together. Peaceful, my home is perfectly quiet. I would say my home is very neutral. Nothing lack of, nothing. There is no quarrel, no argument, but also no care. We love each other, yes. But I don’t know if we like each other and enjoy each other. I think we just need to express our love.

So, I have been living with my family that way for 20 years already. It’s not easy to break the mode when everyone is still the same. The equilibrium, like a still water, you won’t want to stir it. I am used to it already. Just got to be numb to these stuffs, yearning for it will make my heart bleeding. Kind of without expectation then you won’t be disappointed. When I graduated from high school, I leave my home to further study. I seldom go back home. Well, for what? I have nothing to do at home. It’s wasting money and time and boring. Home, to me, it is just a place called home.

Over these year in uni, I met God. And God is love. So I know love too. God shows me love through people I met here, through His grace. Have you heard of the song ‘Love Changes Everything’? It’s true, love does change everything.  Now my heart is nourished with love. I begin to see that my family needs me. But it’s not easy to break the ice, ice which has been thicken for 20 years. I got to struggle with my old-self too. But the Lord equip me slowly. The Lord is good to me. And today, I made a first step. I’m glad I called my sister =D

P/S* I called my mom too just now =D (8:45pm 3/5/11)

Love, love changes everything,

hands and faces, earth and sky
Love, love changes everything,
How you live and how you die
Love, can make the summer fly,
Or a night seem like a lifetime
Yes love, love changes everything,
Now I tremble at your name
Nothing in the world will ever be the same

Love, love changes everything,
Days are longer, words mean more
Love, love changes everything,
Pain is deeper, than before
Love, will turn your world around,
And that world will last forever
Yes, love, love changes everything,
Brings you glory, brings you shame
Nothing in the world will ever be the same

Off into the world we go,
Planning futures, shaping years
Love bursts in and suddenly,
All our wisdom disappears
Love, makes fools of everyone,
All the rules we make are broken
Yes, love, love changes everyone,
live or perish, in its flame
Love will never, never let you be the same
Love will never, never let you be the same


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