Ripples of Love

I thank God that I met you and fall in love with you. You really impact my life a lot. You’ve triggered  me to think in long-term, which help me to refine my vision very much. For example, in the past, when considering my future, I only think of my career, but now, issue like time together with family, energy for relationships, and others come into my mind too. O I am now torn apart. Which way should I go? To become an engineer? To further study and become a lecturer? To earn another degree in music? To teach pre-U program and so that I can give tuition? I cannot figure it out. But at least, for the 2 years after I graduated from degree, I am going to serve God wholeheartedly.

You are part of the reason that I am able to make this important decision. Thank you. You really mean a lot to me. Sometimes, I wish you know who you are. However more time, I wish not. I would rather you know nothing and have total freedom, soar like an eagle. LOL, but the problem is, I don’t know if you know who you are  or not.

Well, I believe I am becoming mature, though still naive now. Just, trust in the Lord and see where will Him lead me to.

Suddenly you came

Suddenly you go

Like a stone thrown into a lake

Ripples remain

Impacts created

Love everlasting



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