My food is to do His will. Mat 4:34

Bitterness was up to my throat recently. I was sullen toward everything. I saw flaws in everyone.  They just didn’t seem right to me! O, dear! I thought I better keep my mouth shut from barking on anyone. I wore on poker face, my smile was merely a geometrical shape \_/.

I asked God, “what’s wrong with me? Why are you so far away? I must have sinned against you that you hide your face from me. I am so dry, I need you LORD. "

I knew something wrong with my heart. I was lacking in love, I had no compassion at all.

Even Uncle Ooi noticed that I was not well. He sms me. My expression had betrayed my feeling.

I didn’t know what to do.

This morning, as I waited half an hour for school bus, I sat down by the road side and played with my phone. I felt so lonely at that moment. So I sms my campus friends. As I sms them, God whispered to me, “Why not invite them to have a gathering dinner before this semester ends?" So I obeyed. Praise the Lord, some responded my invitation =D Instantly, my spirit sensed a jolt of joy. The joy in doing God’s will keep filling up my soul throughout the day, and by the night, I was so happy. I sang along when I walked. I hum and whistle songs. I am as light as wind. The trees  are calling me, they are shouting “God is great!".  A pool of joy spring out from my heart. I am full. Indeed, my food is to do your will, my Lord. Your love and compassion shall never leave me. Surely goodness will follow me to end of the earth.




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