My Creepy-crawly Observation on A

So today, I was with A. Along the meeting, I guided A. We were on a topic, we went along together.

However I was leading the topic all the time, there was a point where I stop, I was one point ahead but I just stopped and watched.

I waited. I observed. I thought it was rude to interrupt what A was doing. So I waited. I observed.

I reckoned A would know we were going to the next point because that’s all what we were doing, we were along the same path. But interesting, A didn’t continue to the next point. Instead, A started to lose direction and wondered around other things. And I just sat there, watched and waited and observed.

Ehm.. interesting. I thought I shouldn’t interrupt. I shouldn’t make decision for the others. So I waited.

But in the end, A just walked away. A didn’t even asked me anything nor looked at me! Didn’t A know that there was one last point to finish? Haha.. interesting indeed.

I wonder, what’s A thinking all the while? A penny for A’s thoughts.

I wonder, did anybody look at me like how I look at A? At such a creepy-crawly observation. It’s like going under one’s skin. And what’s more, I may never realize that somebody is looking at me. Like A.

Anyway, I will just be who I am, I will just be who God intended me to be. Let the others see. Let them observe. Then they will know who I am.




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