SMASH DOWN. 3 Points.

I think it is good to share about what God had done for us, small or big, as this can encourage one another. And those brothers and sisters who are away can also know what’s happening in our life here. You know, siblings in Christ are so dear, so let’s not share only the salvation but our life together too =D 

So here’s my little God-incidence:

I usually bring along my dear trumpet to school in Thursday for section practice in the afternoon and orchestra practice in the night. Yesterday, I brought my dear to class too. But I was so careless, when the last class ended, you know, which the moment ‘tong~ tong long chang~’ was singing in my heart, I was so excited and carried away and bang my dear down to the earth. SMASH DOWN! 3 points. 唉。。这就叫做乐极生悲。

Heart pain a~~~ a tiny break in my heart already… O, my dear~~~T.T

As I sayang my dear, I found a little red thing on the floor, just not far away from my dear… walao, that’s my whole pack of IC, student card, licence, ATM cards, etc… sotong lah me, what a blur queen! Thanks God to let me see them, otherwise I will be 包青天 the whole CNY and be nagged by my mom AGAIN.

God is sovereign. Everything happened for a reason and is under His control. Yes, we suffered, but blessed are the suffered, for they will see God’s grace. So friends,at times, maybe God brings you down, to reveal something to you?



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