Sometimes, we ask, ‘Where is God? Why my life is so miserable?’ Actually, God is with us always. Maybe He works in way we cannot recognize, but He is there! Today, I wanna share with you what God had done for me in this week.

1) I’m 3rd year students now and am going to have internship in May. I want to stay in KL. However due to transportation issue, I have limited choice. The best one is UMMC which located in walking distance from UM. If I got that one, I can take UM shutter bus to go to work =D So I applied for the medical centre in Dec, but got rejected. I thought, ‘OK lo, maybe God wants me to go home..’ But last week, I heard that my friend got it but he is going to Korea, and I just went to him and asked whether he can pass the internship to me. Then we went to consult our internship modulator, and she said CAN! Yeah, so des ne I got UMMC, praise the LORD!

2) I need money!! So I was very happy when my senior approached me to be his subject for EEG lab, 2pm Thursday (got RM50 punya de, lol!). But suddenly he said he wanted male subject only (>.<) Ok lo, no more extra pocket money. Then, also suddenly, my capstone group wanted to have a meeting right at 2pm Thursday wor.. haha, because of the cancellation of the lab, I got time for it. God had arranged it all.

3) I had pok kai liao, spent >RM1000 this month.. So I’m very concern about money recently. Therefore, I had a dilemma to choose either to go for the wet part adventure of Gua Temburung and accompany the Australian lady Esther met in international conference, OR to just sit outside Gua Temburung. In the end, God settled my problem. When we reached there, the staff there told us that wet adventure is not available for Friday. So, I langsung tak payah risau le. And in the afternoon, I found out I got menstrual period and I felt weak. Haha, God blessed me that I didn’t go for the wet adventure or else I might get sick..

4) I need notebooks for study, and I asked Keng Yin if she has any extra notebook for me. I got one from her. And the next day in Nav Rally, Linda was giving out many notebooks!!! LOL.

5) I want to go for the turtle conservation volunteer program so much. And I planned to book it immediately when the registration starts on 2 Feb. Today, my friend just asked me about this, so I went to the website to double check. (I didn’t follow up the website very often.) You know what, there is an extra thing, there is a priority booking which I can book earlier with extra payment of RM100, booking period starts from 16 Jan, which is TODAY, until 21 Jan. Wow, so coincident? So I applied la, for I don’t want to let the chance pass by. I think this is God-incident, haha =D

PS* Have a look here if you are interested to take part in it too. I applied for Slot R.

Well, I didn’t planned any of the above incidents, it just happened, all in one week. God provided.

Phil 4:19 (NIV) And my God will meet all your needs according to His glories riches in Christ Jesus.



2 thoughts on “Coincidences?

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    1. But He took back some, lol. The internship is uncertain now, and there is payment problem for Seatru.

      I guesee God has other plans for me. He will make a way =D


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